Community Letter of Support

Support Pratt Workers United!

We are the workers of the Enoch Pratt Free Library (EPFL) system. We are custodians, library associates, security guards, librarians, circulation staff, pages and office assistants. We are administrative support, technical services, shipping, maintenance, information systems, programs and outreach and collection development. We are bindery workers, graphic artists, designers and printers. We are part time and full time employees. We contribute all of these skills and so much more. 

We are not only fighting for us, but for the communities of Baltimore we work with every day. Through advocacy, empowerment, and collective action, we aim to make EPFL a better library for us, and a better library for the people of Baltimore! 

We encourage you to urge EPFL leadership to remain fair and neutral during the organizing process and to recognize us upon demonstration of majority support. Please sign the following letter in support of our union.


Dear Enoch Pratt Free Library Boards of Trustees & Directors,

As members of the community in Baltimore City, we stand by workers who are forming their union, Pratt Workers United. We are neighbors, patrons, program participants, and supporters, who recognize the dedication of all Pratt workers to our communities. We firmly believe that EPFL’s crucial role of providing services to Baltimore’s neighborhoods starts with treating its staff with dignity and respect. 

Workers have a legal right to form a union. To live up to their ideals and mission, Enoch Pratt Free Library leadership and management must remain neutral during the organizing process, allowing for a fair, safe, and respectful environment in which workers may speak without fear of retaliation. We also call on Enoch Pratt Free Library leadership to voluntarily recognize Pratt Workers United upon demonstration of majority support. This cooperation by the Boards of Trustees & Directors, Executive Leadership, and management will demonstrate their commitment to the essential workers who keep the library running.

In Solidarity,

Katherine Lyons, Baltimore City Schools
Oz Aamram, Patron
Emily Aaron, Community Member
Soraya Abediyeh, Student
Molly Abramson, Patron
Zachary Adams, Patron
Lauren Adams, Patron
Gloria Aderinokun, Patron
Yaw Aduse-Poku, Community Member
Sue Akerman, Community Member
Brian Albert, Community Member
Rahne Alexander, Patron
Ella Alonso, Patron
Sammy Alqasem, Community Member
Molly Amster, Community Member
Rasha Anayah, Community Member
Amber Ancarrow, Patron
Cola Anderson, Patron
Stephanie Anderson, Union Ally
Augustine Angel, Community Member
Selena Anjur-Dietrich, Patron
Deborah Apple, Community Member
Laura Ashley Ketcham, Community Member
Becky Ashway, Patron
Laila Atallah, Patron
Harsh Atit, Community Member
Devi Atit, Community Member
Andrew Augustyn, Supporter
Natalia Bacchus, Union Ally
Sean Bailey, Community Member
Sadie Baker, Baltimore Teachers Union
Zachary Baker-Salmon, Patron
Hannah Balik, Patron
William Balmer, The Johns Hopkins University
Claudia Balog, Community Member
Jocelyn Baltz, Union Ally
Raanan Barach, Patron
Sheldon Barber, Machinists Union
Bill Barry, Patron
Anita Bass, Union Ally
Andie Basto, Patron
Cara Bates, Community Member
Oumar Bayala, Union Ally
les [email protected], Community Member
Conor Bean, Community Member
Madeline Becker, IATSE Local 487
Genevieve Belair, Community Member
Emily Bellanca, Patron
nijol benjamin, Community Member
Zackary Berger, Patron
Jeremy Berger, Patron
Christopher Bergh, Community Member
Emma Bergman, Patron
Marissa Berk-Smith, Community Member
Dr. Megan Berkobien, Patron
Carol Berman, Patron
Joshua Berry, Community Member
Alexa Bertinelli, Patron
Maksheyfe Besalel, IWW
AJ Bhadai, Patron
Cat Bice, Former Baltimore resident and long time fan of the EPFL
Sharon Black, Peoples Power Assembly
Allen Blackwell, Baltimore City Public Schools
Lesley Blackwell, Union Ally
Kate Blaney, Community Member
Aaron Blickenstaff, Patron
Winton Blount, Patron
Warren Blount, Patron
Cennithia Blount, Community Member
Kimberly Boenig, Patron
Gina Bonomo, Patron
Allie Boss, Community Member
C Bouvier, Patron
Shana Bowen, Patron
Isabella Bowker, Patron
Garrett Bowman, IBEW LOCAL 24
Audrey Boytim, Patron
Lindsay Braddy, Patron
Brendan Brady, Patron
Paige Brandli, Public Librarian
Allon Brann, Patron
Emma Breault, Community Member
Abigail Breiseth, Patron
Megan Brenner, Patron
Lori Brewer,
Olivia Briere, Community Member
Kristin Brig-Ortiz, Johns Hopkins University
Eileen Brittain, Patron
Ann Marie Brokmeier, Patron
Willard Brooks, Community Member
Jackie Brower, Union Ally
Jo Brown, Community Member
Nicholas Brown, Community Member
Diamonté Brown, Union Ally
Remi Bruno, Community Member
Skylar Brunzell, Union Ally
Ellery Bryan, Patron
Stephanie Bulls, Union Ally
Rebecca Burgess, Community Member
Naomi Burjorjee,
Anna Burkett, Union Ally
Mitchell Burns, Community Member
Andrew Bushrod,
John Caldwell, Academic librarian
Adam Caldwell, AFCME Local 423 MDU
Kathleen Callaghan, Community Member
Angela Campbell, Baltimore Teachers Union
Mary Capuano, Supporter
David Carleton, Community Member
Ramona Carlin, Community Member
Mackenzie Carlson, Community Member
Sarah Carnes, Patron
Bailey Carroll, Patron
Susan Carroll, Realtor
Nicole Carter, Community Member
Matilde Castro, Community Member
Barbara Cates, Patron
Ian Caughlan, Patron
Steven Ceci, Unemployed Workers Union
Maria Celleri, Community Member
Julia Celtnieks, Patron
Caroline Cerilli, Patron
Tim Cervi, Patron
Julia Chadwick, Patron
Andrew Chalk, Patron
Yi Chen, Patron
Clarissa Chen, Patron
Ashley Chen, University of Maryland Libraries
Meg Chow, Community Member
Emily Christ, Community Member
Anna Clarkson, Pratt Contemporaries Member and Cultural Worker
Arnold Clem, Patron
Luke Clippinger, Patron
Tyler Coburn, Community Member
Joshua Cochran, Community Member
Marcus Colasurdo, gimme shelter productions
Rachel Coleman, Patron
Christopher Comeau, Baltimore Courtwatch
Marie Condenzio, Patron
Julianna Conlan, Patron
Grace Connell, Patron
Molly Conner, Community Member
TJ Cook, Union Ally
Charlie Cooper, Patron
Ronda Cooperstein, Union Ally
Alexis Cornell, Patron
Jocelyn Cossu, Patron
Deanna Costa, Patron
Jonathan Cothran, Patron
Vincent Coughlin, Community Member
Lisa Cox, Patron
Anne Craig, Patron
Leann Craumer, Former EPFL Employee
Joe Crawford, Patron
VonCeil Crenshaw, Patron
Briayna Cuffie, Patron
Miriam Cummons, Community Member
Bruce Curtis, Patron
Sarah D'Adamo, Patron
Marissa Dahl, Patron
William Dalrymple, Union Ally
Michael Dalto, --None--
Jan Danek, Community Member
John Daniello, University of Maryland
Jamie DANILLER, Community Member
Michael Dannenberg, Business Owner
Anna Danz, Patron
Tanisha Dasmunshi, Patron
Lisa Davis, Patron
Shantia Davis howard, Security guard
Jackson Day, St. John's United Methodist Church - Baltimore City
Kimberly Day, EPFL Employee
Jaclyn Day, Community Member
Elizabeth De Coster, Patron
Jacob DeCoursey, Patron
Zoe DeGrazia, Patron
Julian DeJesus, DC 37
Kathleen DeLaurenti, Patron
Julian Della Puppa, Former Baltimore resident who gained knowledge from EPFL
Brian DeLuca, Community Member
Joe Deng, Patron
Aditya Desai, Former EPFL Employee
Atul Deshpande, Patron
Stephanie Dewey, Patron
Stepf Diaz, Patron
Jenn DiFrancesco, Patron
Caprice DiLiello, EPFL Employee
Tracy Dimond, US Bank Home Mortgage
Erika DiPasquale, Union Ally
Joshua Dix, Community Member
Adam Dobkin, Patron
Jennifer Doherty, UMD Libraries/AFSCME Maryland
Lee Domeika, Community Member
Justin Donadio, Supporter
Conor Donahue, Patron
Suzanne Doogan, Community Member
Jessica Douglas, Community Member
Kate Drabinski, Patron
Jeanne Dresser, A. F . S. C. M. E .
Jaqueline Du, Patron
Cara Dudzic, Patron
Emma Dunbar, Patron
anneke dunbar-gronke, Community Member
Kathryn Dunn, Community Member
Nisita Dutta, Community Member
Nicole Dvorak, Baltimore County Public Library Employees - Union Contract Negotiating Committee
Ethan Eblaghie, Baltimore Student Union
Rianna Eckel, Community Member
Chinwe Edeani, Patron
Emily Edmond, Union Ally
Paul Edwards, Supporter
Owen Edwards, Community Member
Alexander Egginton, Community Member
Carl ehrhardt, Patron
Jen Eidson, Union Ally
Mary Elieisar, Patron
Toni Elliott, Community Member
Rondrea English, Patron
Anina Ertel, Union Ally
Mel Escobar, Patron
Ashley Esposito, Union Ally
Danielle Evans, Community Member
Sian Evans, Patron
Anna Evans-Goldstein, Patron
Joshua Everett, Patron
jaron f, Community Member
Timothy Faass, Patron
Lore Fadrowski, Community Member
Nora Fakhri, Community Member
Cindy Farquhar, Communist Party USA
Cindy Farquhar, Please Select
Jamia Ferrell, Former EPFL Employee
Rob Ferrell, Organizing Black
Nathan Ferrell, Baltimore Teacher's Union
Kyle Fierstien, Baltimore CPUSA
Kyle Fierstien, Baltimore CPUSA
george Figgs, George Figgs , Artist.
John Finlayson, Community Member
Elizabeth Fitzpatrick, Patron
Vincent Fitzpatrick, EPFL Employee
Wm. Jason Flatt, Elected Official
Eleanor Fleming, Patron
Sean Fleming, home
Cody Folta, Community Member
Marjorie Forster, Patron
Colin Foster, Community Member
Kye Fothergill, Community Member
Maggie Foust, Community Member
Sarah Fouts, Patron
Patricia Fowlkes, Patron
Michael Franch, Retired
Brytani Fraser, EPFL Employee
Anna Freedman, Patron
Hannah Freeman, Community Member
Rachel Frisch, EPFL Employee
Moss Froom, Community Member
Emily Frost, Patron
Katherine Fusick, Community Member
vida fye, Union Ally
Abigail Gadbois, Community Member
Isabela Garces Molina, Community Member
Nikki Garcia, Patron
Julissa Garcia, Community Member
Nancy Gardner, Patron
Ryan Garmeson, Patron
Nicole Gauvreau, former patron
Christopher Geggie, Union Ally
Kate Gehr, Patron
Michael Genovese, Union Ally
Margaret Gers, EPFL Employee
Tracey Gilchrist, Former EPFL Employee
Clare Gilmore, Patron
Hosea Gittens, Former EPFL Employee
Arthur Dan Gleckler, self
Gavin Godbolt, Librarian
Becca Gohn, Community Member
Margot Goldberg, Patron
sam gomes, Patron
Davis Gooch, Patron
Isabel Gordon, Patron
Meghan Gorman, --None--
Mara Grace, Community Member
James Grant, EPFL Employee
N’shira Gray, Patron
Ijunanya Green, Patron
Tim Green, True Melody Music
Reagan Greenberg, Patron
Patricia Greenwell, Patron
Susan Gross, Community Member
Phyllis Grube, Concerned Citizen
Michael Hachey, Patron
Keith Hack, Community Member
Siobhan Hagan, Former EPFL Employee
Delaney Hagy, Union Ally
Dan Hajdo, Union Ally
Crystal Hall, Patron
patricia halle, None
Kirsty Hambrick, Patron
Jacob Hamer, Patron
Stephanie Handleman, Union Ally
Wei Hann, Patron
David Hansen, Patron
Alsyon Harkins, Union Ally
Jessica Harlan, Patron
Nicole Hartig, Community Member
Lexa Hartman, Patron
Shaun Harvin,
Ethan Hasiuk, Patron
Kamaria Hatcher, Patron
Austin Hayes, Community Member
Najee Haynes-Follins, Red Emma’s
Kristin Helberg, Patron
Laura Helbling, Former EPFL Employee
Carolyn Henneman, Community Member
Jared Henry, Patron
Barbara Henry, Former EPFL Employee
Burkely Hermann, Former EPFL Employee
Valeria Hernandez Munoz, Patron
D. Herrera, Patron
Matthew Hickey, Former EPFL Employee
Maren Hilliard, Community Member
Marlis Hinckley, Patron
Courtney Hobson, Patron
Nikita Holmes, Patron
Sailor Holobaugh, Patron
Alex Holt, Patron
Vanessa Holub, Patron
Matthew Hood, Patron
Jodi Hoover, EPFL Employee
Emma Houck, Community Member
Sydney Householder, Communications Workers of America
Rollin Hu, Patron
Ting Huang, Community Member
Rebecca Hunt, Former EPFL Employee
Katie Hunt, Patron
John Hyslop, Union Ally
Stephanie Irwin, Patron
Corey Isaacs, Baltimore Teacher's Union
Pocholo Itona, Patron
Connie Jackson, Supporter
Bob Jacobson, Senior Social Work Solutions
Radhika Jangi, Patron
Thom Jencks, Community Member
Allison Jennings-Roche, Patron
Sam Jesner, Patron
Valerie Johnson, Patron
Jeanette Johnson,
Anderson Johnston, Patron
Brittany Johnstone, Union Ally
Adam T Jones, Patron
Ben Jones, Community Member
Lou Joseph, Patron
Ken Jostes, Patron
Amy Joust, Former EPFL Employee
Marilyn Julius, Patron
Dave K, Patron
Heather Kangas, Patron
Alix Kaplan, Patron
Douglas Kaplan, Patron
Miranda Kaplan, Former EPFL Employee
Savannah Kaszas, Patron
Kat Kat, Business Owner
Avery Katko, Patron
Kitra Katz, Patron
Quinn Katz-Zogby, Patron
Molly Kaye, BCPSS
Vanessa Kelly, Patron
AMY KEMERY, Community Member
Rose Kent, Patron
Brienna Kerr-Atkinson, Patron
Anishta Khan, Community Member
Marina Kheyfets, Community Member
Jacqueline Kilby, Former EPFL Employee
Ashley Kim, Johns Hopkins
Erik Kjeldgaard, Community Member
Elyssa Klann, Patron
Magdalene Klassen, Patron
Emily Knapp, Patron
Christin Knesel, Patron
Isabelle Koh, Community Member
Adam Koren-Roth, Patron
Katie Koski, Community Member
Bhavitha Kotha, Patron
Michael Kranick, Patron
Andy Krew, Baltimore Action Legal Team
Natalie Krissoff, Community Member
Rohan Kumar, Community Member
Shruti Kumar, Community Member
Michael Kurman, Retired
Katie Kurowski, Patron
Veronica L., Patron
Jonathan Lacock-Nisly, Community Member
Brooke Lacock-Nisly,
Jacob Lamason, Patron
Maya Lamson, Baltimore Bicycle Works
Helen Langa, Patron
Kira Lanier, Patron
Barbara Larcom, Patron
Jeanne Lauber, Former EPFL Employee
Joseph Lawrence, Patron
Alex Lawson, Former EPFL Employee
Diana Lawton, Union Ally
Alexandra Lazerow, Community Member
Gina Le, Baltimore City Schools
Stephen Leas,
Bonnie Lease, Former EPFL Employee
Cat Lee, Community Member
Clare Lefebure, Community Member
Daniel Lehecka, Patron
Marisha Leiblum, UNITE HERE Local 7
Raphael Leiblum, Biz
Claudia Leight, Patron
Claudia Leight, Patron
Jake Leizear, Patron
Andrea Lemoins, Concerned Black Workers of the Free Library of Philadelphia
Jackie Leventon-Bonny, Community Member
Selma Levi, Former EPFL Employee
Jay Lewis, Community Member
Matthew Lilienfeld, Community Member
Jonathan Lim, Community Member
Tracy Lingo, UNITE HERE Local 7
Claire Lippay, Patron
Xan Litsky,
J Little, Patron
David Litwin, Patron
Bessie Liu, Community Member
Mike Livingston, Union Ally
Patrick Lloyd, PLA Social Worker Task Force Co-Chair
Mary Lonsdale, Community Member
Cristina Lora, Union Ally
Nancy Lord, Patron
Vanessa Lubiner, Patron
Devin Lucas, Community Member
Rachel Luce, Patron
Casey Lurtz, Patron
LaNia Lyles, Patron
Karina M, Union Ally
T M,
Magdalena MacDonald, Community Member
Jackie MacMillan, Patron
Patricia Madariaga, Patron
Smitha Mahesh, Patron
Hanna Mahoney, Community Member
Cristian Margarida, Patron
Michael Marinelli, Patron
Katrina Marinelli, Patron
Robin Marquis, Community Member
Grace Marshall, Community Member
Daniel Marshall, Community Member
Kit Mason, self-employed/retired
Jeff Mayer, Patron
Andrew Mayn, Patron
Monica Mayo, AFSCME
Andrew Mayton, Maryland Classified Employees Association
Tyler McCafferty, Supporter
Anne McCall, Patron
Jen McCann, Patron
Mason McClusky, Patron
Maddie Mcconnell, Community Member
Kathryn McDonald, Patron
Bethan McGarry, Patron
Kate McGowan, Patron
Patrick McHugh, Patron
John McIntyre, Patron
Mallory McKenna, Community Member
Ann McKenzie, Patron
Mairead McKeron, Community Member
Emalie McMahon, Community Member
DILLON MCMANUS, Afscme Council 3
Elizabeth McPherson, Community Member
Ross Meadows, Community Member
Asella Medina-Smith, Patron
Lydia Mesekale, Patron
Beatrice Messaris, Patron
Jana Meyer, Patron
Suzanne Meyer-Seymour, Creative City Public Charter School
Jordan Meyerl, Historic New England
Kristi Middleton, Patron
Kandice Middleton, Community Member
Melissa Millar, Supporter
Elaine Millas, Patron
Eric Miller, AFGE Local 1923
Chris Miller, Community Member
Casey Miller, Patron
Siobhan Miller, Patron
Mark Miller, Patron
Christina Miller, Union Ally
Joe Miller, Union Ally
Ursula Minervini, Community Member
Emily Mines, Union Ally
Jack Mirabella, Patron
Fawn Mitchell, Patron
Ashley Mitchell, Former EPFL Employee
Clarence Mollock, Former EPFL Employee
Ethan Mondell, Community Member
Madeleine Monson-Rosen, Baltimore Teachers Union
Latonya Montgomery, Community Member
Rafael Montoya, Union Ally
Graham Mooney, Community Member
Christopher Morgan, Patron
Erica Moriconi, Union Ally
Charles Morris, Union Ally
Deyane Moses, Community Member
Ali Moss, Patron
Paul Muriello, Community Member
Ryan Murphy, Patron
Sean Murphy, Community Member
Lia Musante, Union Ally
Olivia Muzzy, Union Ally
Mary Naughton, STX LLC
Abigail Nawrocki,
Jared Nipper, Patron
Shawn Nunan, Union Ally
Kelechi Nwankwoala, Community Member
Caitlin O'Donnell, Patron
Jaime O'Donnell, Patron
Evan Obler, Community Member
Rebecca OBrien, Supporter, former patron
Max Obuszewski, Baltimore Nonviolence Center
Enomhen Odigie, Patron
Michele Ogle-Risinger, Hartford City Public Library
Ik Oguledo, C/o Tolaram Group
julianne ohanian, Baltimore Teachers Union
Chiamaka Okonkwo, Patron
Aaron Oldenburg, Aaron Oldenburg
Richard Oloizia, Former EPFL Employee
Nyore Onovae,
Katherine Orr, JHHS
Justin Otter, Patron
Vivian Ourand, Community Member
Raphael Outlaw, Patron
Katherine Owen, Patron
Cheryl Owens, Baltimore Teachers Union
Jonathan Owyoung, Patron
Sage O’Brien, Union Ally
Calvin O’Donnell, Community Member
Amy O’Malley, Patron
Katriel Paige, Patron
Joel Pally, Baltimore Teachers Union
Sarah Palmer, Retired From Prince Georges County Memorial Library System
Rachel Panczenko, Former Patron
Mireya Parada Madrid, EPFL
Alexander Parry, Teachers and Researchers United, Johns Hopkins University
Shaena Parsons, Community Member
Valerie Pasion, Patron
Charles Patch,
Mayuri Patel, Patron
Sarah Patterson, Community Member
Caroline Patterson, Patron
Kennedi Patton, Patron
Harry Pauff, Patron
Alice Peake, Community Member
Kalin Pearce, Community Member
Rowyn Peel, Community Member
Jennifer Pelton, Patron
Keyonna Penick, Patron
Dom Pere, Patron
Suzanne Peroutka, Community Member
Emilie Pichot, Former EPFL Employee
Patrice Pilgrim, Community Member
Camila Pineiro, Community Member
Donna Plamondon,
Bo Plantz, Patron
Steve Plunk, Patron
Aimee Pohl, Patron
Nathan Porch, Patron
Jes Porro, Patron
Emily Potts, Patron
Jack Powell, IBEW local 24
Andre Powell, Community Member
Elizabeth Preuss, Patron
Karen Qi, Patron
Lisa Quintilian, Community Member
Nihaal Rahman,
Kayla Raincook, Patron
Adrian Rakochi, Community Member
Rhea Ramakrishnan, Patron
Jennifer Ramos,
Rachel Rappaport, Patron
Marjorie Rathgeber, Patron
Shauna Raynor, Community Member
Alan Rebar, Baltimore Teachers Union
Kit Rees, Community Member
Jennifer Reynolds, Radiant Design Inc.
Max Richards, Patron
Emma Richardson, Community Member
Kennedy Riddick, Union Ally
Cameron Riegel, Patron
Colin Riley, Patron
Emily Rios, Union Ally
David Ritz, Community Member
Julie Rivera, Patron
Brianne Riviello, Community Member
Mary Rizzo, Patron
Maggie Robbins, Baltimore Museum of Art
Tyler Roberts, Union Ally
Nova Robinson, Patron
Ravi Robinson, Patron
Kaela Robinson, Patron
May Robinson, home use
Adria Roblee-Hertzmark, Patron
Jonathan Rochkind, Patron
Carlos Rodriguez-Fierro, N/A
AM Rooney, Patron
Lily Ross, Patron
Ellyn Ross, Patron
Bernell Ross, Union Ally
Erin Roth, Patron
Mae Rowland, Patron
Wendy Russell, Union Ally
April Ryan, Community Member
Emily Ryan, Supporter
Eugene Ryu, Patron
Maximo Saldana Guerra, Patron
Koby Samuel, Patron
Lindsay Sanders, National Nurses United
Phoebe Sandhaus, Patron
Elanor Sandhaus,
Mariel Sass, EPFL Employee
David Saunders, Patron
Stephanie Saxton, Patron
Melanie Scala, Patron
Joey Schenning, Community Member
Ian Schlakman, Patron
Veronica Schmidt, Patron
Erin Schoeneman, Patron
Alida Schott, Patron
Stuart Schrader, Patron
Abby Schreiber, Patron
Rebecca Schwantes-An, Community Member
Linda Schwartz, Former EPFL Employee
Garrett Schwartz, Patron
Matthew Schwartz, Patron
jerome schwartzman, N/A
Michael Scire, DSA
Sonia Scott, Patron
Jayla Scott, Community Member
Matthew Scott, Patron
John Seeley, Community Member
Eric Seidel, Patron
Janice Sevre-Duszynska, Baltimore Nonviolence Center
Da Shi, Patron
Tara Shiman, Worthington Libraries
Sunny Shin, Patron
Glennor Shirley, Retired Librarian
Lyla Shlon, Community Member
Megan Shook, Patron
Yichen Shou, Patron
Jasmine Shumaker, Former EPFL Employee
Kristine Sieloff, Baltimore Teachers Union
Johnnie Simpson, Community Member
Leah Sims, Patron
Cynthia Sjoquist, Association of Flight Attendants-CWA
Lo Smith, Former EPFL Employee
Harriet Smith, Patron
Chad Smith, Community Member
Nicole Snead, Patron
Becca Sosa, Community Member
James Spamer, Patron
Cayla Spear, Patron
Asha Spence, Patron
Natalie Spicyn, Patron
Gavin St. Ours, Community Member
Nicholette Stachowiak, Community Member
Eli Stafford, Patron
Kevin Stahl, Patron
Tiffany Stancil, Patron
Barbara Stanton, Community Member
Chloe Starcher, IBEW
Rachel Stark, Union Ally
Rebecca Starr, Former EPFL Employee
Tristan Stefanovic, Patron
Sebastian Stefanovic, Patron
John Stein, Patron
Marc Steiner, Former EPFL Board member
James Stevenson, Patron
Betty Stilt, Community Member
Jeanne Stinchcomb, Former EPFL Employee
Kat Stone Underwood, Union Ally
Allison Stotz, Community Member
Garrett Stralnic, Walters Workers United
Max Sturm, Community Member
Richard Stutte, Community Member
Evan Suggs, Patron
Nick Sullivan, Patron
Alec Summerfield, Unemployed Workers Union and AFGE
Indira Summerville, Community Member
Marijke Sutter, Patron
Judith Sweet, Patron
Justin Switzer, Former EPFL Employee
Octavia Sykes, Community Member
Brooke Szydlowski, Patron
Abigail Taggart, Patron
Arleen Talley, Former EPFL Employee
Aaron Tan, Union Ally
Elizabeth Tanguma, Union Ally
Lekha Tantry, Patron
Amy Tarleton, Community Member
Faithe Taylor, Shop Steward @ OPACY
Morgan Taylor, Union Ally
Rachel Templer, Patron
Mary Terrier, Union Ally
Gabrielle Thacker,
Valencia Thomas, Business Owner
Deryn Thomas, Patron
Max Thorn, City University of New York
Christy Thornton, Johns Hopkins University
Anna Tillery, Patron
Gretchen Tome, Patron
Ivy Tominack, Community Member
Holly Tominack, Former EPFL Employee
Sarah Tooley, Patron
Karen Tozzi, Patron
Taryn Tranby, Community Member
Hieu Truong, Patron
Karena Tsakiris, Patron
Daniel Tuke, Patron
Molly Tunis, Community Member
Liz Twigg, Community Member
Leigh Tyberg, Patron
Nicole Ucheya, Community Member
Sharon Ultsch, Community Member
Caroline Unger, Patron
Maria Rosita Valencia, Patron
Marie van Staveren, Patron
Bryan Vana, Patron
Robert Vary, Patron
Reah Vasilakopoulos, Patron
Camila Vasquez, Patron
Sue Veader, Patron
Amanda Velez-Cortes, Community Member
Courtney Ventura, Community Member
Brandon Via, Union Ally
Margaret Vidler, Community Member
Sherri Vishner Glazer, Community Member
Amelia Voos, Community Member
Konrad Wainright, Patron
Alex Walinskas, Patron
Cameron Walkup, Patron
Amanda Wall, Patron
SHAN Wallace, Patron
Rachel Wallach, Johns Hopkins University
britt walsh, Union Ally
Sarah Walsh, Patron
Janet Cecelia Walthall, Patron
Cecile Walton, Community Member
Raven Warner, Patron
Anna Warnock, Union Ally
Mary Warren, Patron
Ann Weaver, CPUSA
Nancy Webb, Grace United Methodist Church
Andrew Webster, Community Member
Rachel Weeks, Community Member
Jed Weeks, Patron
Emily Weil, Patron
Jeremy Weiner, AFSCME, UMD Libraries
Naomi Weintraub, Community Member
Aden Weisel, Patron
Sarah Weissman, Select...
Paula Welsh, Supporter
Sara Westendorff, Patron
Scott White, Patron
Haniel Wides,
Gwendolyn Wiegold, Union Ally
Katherine Wilkins, Community Member
Madeline Williams, Patron
Aspen Williams, Johns Hopkins
Katie Williams, Community Member
Rachel Williams, Patron
Tessa Willoughby,
Angela Wilson, Union Ally
Aaron Wilson, Union Ally
Evette Wilson, Supporter
Amanda Wisniewski, Former EPFL Employee
Donna Woods, Former EPFL Employee
Rachel Wootten, Volunteer at Enoch Pratt
Anna Word, Patron
Anton Woronczuk, Patron
Diane Worsley, BTU
Julia Wright, Union Ally
Nancy Wright, Community Member
Michael Wriston, Community Member
Sam Wu, Patron
You Wu, Community Member
Genevieve Yaeger, Patron
David Yaffe, Patron
Samantha Yarmis, Patron
Susanna Yau, Community Member
Djaz Z, Pro-union Librarian
Jodie Zisow-McClean, Patron
Hilary Zoretic, Community Member